Creating a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future.



Earth Day 1970 changed the world. Twenty-million Americans took to the streets to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. It was the largest demonstration in U.S. history, and it emphasized people’s desire for clean air and water.

Congratulations! You have made it through the longest, coldest winter most of us can remember.

It’s time to celebrate.

Open the door, step outside, and participate in nature -- that’s your April challenge.

We’re asking you to find one moment between now and April 30th to participate in nature. Take a deep breath of spring air. Look up at the sky. Plunge your hands into your garden.

"These changes to the Fisheries Act are just another step in removing the public’s right to clean water, a right we have both championed our entire careers," write Mark Mattson and Maude Barlow.

We loved Sh’aura’s story because she instinctively did what most people do: tried to share the waterbody she loves with others. She invited us to her Bay, to see what she sees, and to enjoy what she enjoys. The joy of shared exploration is the foundation of the Waterbody Challenge. 

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In addition to supporting Lake Ontario Waterkeeper's work, the RBC Blue Water Project is a key supporter of effective watershed protection organizations across Canada and around the world.

If you’ve ever bought one of our signature Swim Drink Fish T-shirts, chances are you picked it up at an MEC store!

In addition to providing Waterkeeper with carshare credits to help us visit all reaches of the Lake Ontario watershed, they connect us to Torontonians who care about clean water and good living.



All Ages Event: “For the Love of Pete” is the first of two Toronto events paying tribute to a great musician and raising funds for Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. Hosted by David Newland, this event features performances by Jory Nash & Rosalyn Dennet, James Gordon, Mike Ford, Ken Whiteley, Crabtree & Mills, Gathering Sparks, David Celia, Grit Laskin, Jerry Gray, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Quique Escamilla, and The Levy Sisters with Pat Patrick.

This is the second “For the Love of Pete” all-ages event, paying tribute to a great musician and raise some funds for Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. The late Pete Seeger was a staunch environmental advocate and Waterkeeper supporter.

The 2nd annual Water Research Symposium showcases the breadth of the University of Waterloo’s water research programs. Krystyn Tully (VP, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper) will be participating in a roundtable discussion on the topic “Future of the Great Lakes”.

The Waterkeeper Gala is fast-becoming Toronto's foremost fundraiser for clean water. This year's dinner and art auction is hosted by Gord Downie & Edward Burtynsky and presented by RBC.

Krystyn Tully (VP, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper) will be speaking in a breakout session at the 5th Annual Canadian Water Summit. The session is called "Putting Water on Page One". Krystyn will be joined by Chris Coulter, co-CEO of Globespan, and Alex and Tyler Mifflin, The Water Brothers. Globe and Mail columnist, Doug Saunders will moderate.