Navigation Protection Act: Share your boating story

The Navigation Protection Act - formerly the Navigable Waters Protection Act - is one of the oldest laws in Canada. Since 1882, the Act aimed to give people free and unobstructed passage through navigable waters. Any time you dip your paddle in the water or fire up the motor of your boat, or hoist your sails, you are navigating the waters.

Sweeping changes to the law in 2009 and 2012 removed mandatory protections for 2.5-million waterbodies. Before the changes, every navigable waterbody was protected by default. Today, only 164 receive that distinction.

Without the law, projects can be built without government approval and without public notice. You may not be told about a new project. You may not have a chance to comment on it or share your knowledge.

The body of water you love to boat on may not be protected.

The federal government is reviewing the Navigation Protection Act right now. This is your chance to protect the place you love to boat. It’s your chance to say what boating and water mean to you.

You have until January 30, 2017 to speak up.

If you boat, paddle, or surf, you can help restore protections to your waterbody. It’s as simple as sharing a boating story. This proves that navigable waters are important to people in Canada.

Share your boating story now.

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