Underwater Cleanup

  • Humber Bay Park West 225 Humber Bay Park Road West Toronto, ON, M8V 3X7 Canada
(Image via PixelBay.)

(Image via PixelBay.)

Recreational water users are a great breed of people – especially when they decide to take their passion to the next level! Anne and Alison, two Torontonian scuba divers, did just that.

Inspired to give back to one of their go-to diving locations, Humber Bay Park West, Anne and Alison reached out to Waterkeeper with the idea of doing an underwater cleanup. How could we possibly say no?

To bring more awareness to what's washing into waterways, Anne and Alison wanted to share what they see beneath the surface. Originally scheduled to take place on September 10, the dive was unfortunately cancelled due to heavy rain and poor water quality. 

But determined, the dive was rescheduled! On October 1, the TRCA and Waterkeeper are very excited to take another stab at this pilot underwater cleanup through the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and members from the Etobicoke Underwater Club.