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2016 Waterkeeper Gala Vancouver

Presented By


Thursday, October 13th, 2016

at the stunning Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Keynote Address by

Edward Burtynsky, Award-Winning Canadian Photographer & Swim Drink Fish Ambassador

Performances by

Jacob Hoggard of HEDLEY

Rachelle van Zanten, Singer/Songwriter & Activist

BUB, the combined talents of Bentall, Ulrich & Byrnes



We are in pursuit of a future where everyone can swim, drink and fish from their local waters.

When water isn’t safe to touch, to fish, or to drink people turn their backs on it. And when their connection to water fades, so does their instinct to protect it.

People must be connected to our waterbodies, connected to each other, and active in community life.

That’s why we use digital tools and communication platforms to reconnect people to water and their communities. We’re building a nation of water leaders to ensure a clean water future.

The Waterkeeper Gala Vancouver is a key source of funding for our work in protecting B.C.’s precious rivers, lakes, streams, and beaches. It’s so inspiring to see our growing community coming together, investing in water leadership and fostering a national movement to promote Canadian water culture. Our second annual Waterkeeper Gala Vancouver is the night that makes a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future possible.

See you on October 13th!

Read the press release for the 2016 Waterkeeper Gala Vancouver.