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The Myth of Water Abundance in Canada - The Need for Conservation

  • Humber College - Lakeshore Campus 3199 Lake Shore Boulevard East, Room L1017 Toronto, ON, M5E Canada (map)

Many Canadians, particularly in Southern Ontario, go through their day-to-day life with the luxury of not having to worry about where or when they will get their next glass of clean water. "The Myth of Water Abundance in Canada – The Need for Conservation" is an international and multi-sectoral panel that aims to address and change this perception at its roots while providing conservation techniques that can be implemented by individuals and make a positive impact. This panel will also raise awareness about the many sustainably driven conservation efforts being made by organizations protecting the greatest source of liquid freshwater on the planet, the Great Lakes.

Featured speakers include:

  • Principal of Smart Watering Systems' Chris LeConte speaking on "The reduction of potable water on landscapes; facilitating a shift towards storm water management and rainwater collection/re-use."
  • Enviro-Stewards' Lloyd Hipel speaking on "Locally and regionally funded water conservation audits and their benefits; The Safe Water Project."
  • Environmental Defence's Natalijia Fisher speaking on "The Waukesha Diversion, Protecting Lake Erie, and their upcoming Water Bottle Campaign."
  • and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper's Co-founder and Vice-President, Krystyn Tully providing a critical look at freshwater issues from a local context and discussing "What it takes to keep your favourite waterbody swimmable, drinkable, fishable."

Come prepared with questions, as there's a lot to discuss!

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About International Development Week (IDW)

This event is part of International Development Week which is celebrated across Canada during the first week of February by the Canadian government, colleges, universities, NGOs, and other globe loving organizations and citizens. Workshops, panels, guest speakers, and other thought-provoking events are held in celebration.