When was the last time you swam in Lake Ontario? Dipped a paddle into it? Felt it swirl around your ankles? The feeling of clean water rushing over hot skin in the summer is what Waterkeeper works to protect.

When you turn on your tap and the water flows out, do you think about where it comes from? How many times a day do you look down and remember that two-thirds of your body is the water you drink? The security of turning on a tap and quenching your thirst without worry inspired us to start Lake Ontario Waterkeeper back in 2001.

Waterkeeper’s Guides are a series of digital tools designed to help you embrace your watershed. They connect you to the water and provide you with advice and ideas to keep your family healthy.

We don’t expect every single person to become a full-time water guardian, but we hope you get to to know - and love - the watershed that gives you life.

These Guides help you do it.