Case - Skip the Wash, Save the Lake

In Toronto, stormwater runoff and wastewater go to one place - a combined sewer system.

Runoff from commercial car washing enters the city’s combined sewers for treatment at a water treatment plant. This wash water contains car fluids, soap and road salt in the winter time. This polluted runoff outflows into Lake Ontario, untreated, when heavy rain or snowmelt overwhelm the combined sewer system.

Salt harms Lake Ontario. As salt levels increase, it can kill plankton; a primary food source for fish. Every winter, Lake Ontario receives an influx of salt.

In response, Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia launched a new campaign in collaboration with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. Skip the Wash, Save the Lake, reduces water pollution and the number of car washes at both dealerships.

Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia skip the wash because it is the right thing to do. By washing customers’ cars less, Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia reduce salt inputs into Lake Ontario and will conserve more than 1.5-million gallons of water after one year.

Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia donate to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper for every wash skipped. Donate now and you too can support our cause! 

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