Swim Guide

Swim Guide began in Toronto when a team of staff and volunteers at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper set out to answer this simple question: Is it safe to swim in Lake Ontario?

We thought it would be easy to find the answer. We were wrong. As it turns out, reliable facts and figures about beach water quality are hard to come by. 

We started compiling our own data and, we have been tracking beach water quality trends for more than a decade now. 

In 2011, we decided we needed a tool that would tell you where the closest beaches are and which ones are safe for swimming right now.

Enter the Waterkeeper Swim Guide app for iPhone®, Android, or web.

Created by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, this free app helps you find your closest beaches, know at a glance which ones are safe for swimming, and share your love of beaches with friends and family.

This last part—sharing a love of beaches—is really important to Waterkeepers. Since 2011, dozens of nonprofit and public organizations have started contributing information to Swim Guide.

By the height of swimming season in 2013, Swim Guide included most official beaches in Canada and the USA. It draws on water quality information from government agencies or from Waterkeepers themselves so that you have access to up-to-date water quality as often as possible.

That one question - is it safe to swim? - led us on a journey connecting Waterkeeper organizations across Canada and the USA, as well as other affiliates with a shared desire for swimmable waterways.

Waterkeeper built Swim Guide for one reason: we want people to explore, enjoy, and fall in love with the beach so that our lake will be protected for generations to come.

Find your beach now at www.theswimguide.org.



Heat and humidity advisories have been issued for most of Ontario this week and many people want to know where they can go swimming to help cool off. The Waterkeeper Swim Guide has the answer: the free Swim Guide app.

Get instant, up-to-date information for over 800 beaches in Canada and the US with new Swim Guide app. First-of-its-kind app uses 70 government sources to help users source the closest beaches and cleanest waters – and how to get there.