Share your Toronto Harbour story

Sewage flows into Toronto Harbour every time it rains. There is no cleanup after a spill. There is no water quality monitoring for boaters. 

It does not have to be this way. On most days, Toronto Harbour is beautiful. Thousands of people are on the water enjoying the best of Lake Ontario. Their lake and their health are worth protecting. Every success story starts with people – like you – deciding they want clean water.

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If you boat or paddle or surf in Toronto Harbour, your story is important. If you take the ferry to the islands or catch fish here, your voice should be heard. Your story is the real story of Toronto Harbour.

Do you love this harbour? Do you want it clean? Then you need to speak up. Tell us your story.   

Do you use the Toronto Harbour? (e.g., canoe, kayak, sail, take ferry to the Island, etc.)


If you use Toronto Harbour: What is your favourite thing to do in the harbour?
If you do not use Toronto Harbour: Why not?

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